Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kenny's graduation

So hard to believe that my baby boy has graduated.  This kid is amazing not only is he a high school star athlete that has accomplished every sports goal he had in high school.  He is also is a brain.  Graduated High honors, 45th in his class of 386 within top 17% of his class over a year of college behind him and an advanced regents diploma (did more then he needed to graduate)  All well also being a three season athlete which many don't do, maybe 10% of high school athletes play all seasons.  He makes me proud to call him mine.

On the way to graduation was learning to use new camera
 Graduates walking into be seated it was ironic he got to walk in next to one of his best friends
 Picture after walking across stage
 With his very best friends these kids have no clue what they are going to do after this summer they have been in every single class together since 4th grade, they have never not had a class together

 I love this picture after rehearsal and senior walk about 20 of them decorated their caps together
 These two have become great friends since high school.  Another pair I have no clue how they are going to get along with out each other.  He leaves for the air force on July 11th Kenny already misses him.
 Grabs the camera from me and takes a selfie of course with his eyes closed we have to take 3-5 pictures of him always and hope we get one with his eyes open
 The non-girl friend, girl friend as I call her.  They broke up in February but nothing has changed from when they were dating.  She is the main reason for his college choice also.
 This man has been there for Kenny for the past 6 years of cross country and track his son stopped running after freshman year but Dave still comes to lots of Kenny's meets to watch him run texts him when he can't be there to see how he has done.  He even went to the states meet to cheer him on.  He is like a father to him
 These two I can't even explain they are so much like brothers and have been friends since 7th grade, Kenny has stayed on the straight and narrow and he hasn't but that doesn't mean the brotherly love these two have for each other has changed after this picture they hugged for about 5 mins and when they stopped both had tears in their eyes I don't have any clue what that conversation was.
 These two have known each other most of their lives and are like brothers also and know for a fact that will never ever change, I have 4 kids and his parents have 4 and they are all great friends with all being the same ages

 My grad having to take one more picture at home