Friday, May 12, 2017

Replacement mug and crafting with my favorite 3 yr old

My favorite 3 year old in the world.  He is one of my good friends youngest son's, and we have been attached to each other since he was 4 months old.  He is my bugger and I am his "ma".  He will say my name when he wants has never called me it but will show you who I am when my name is said.  I had him on Tuesday and we had to make mommy something for mothers day which he did hide until she walked in the door and he had to give it right to her.  He tried to take my fingers off several times while we were cutting fabric he was just excited to cut.  We are also working on writing our name and all the D's must be colored in but that's ok.  I also took him for awhile tonight to the highschool since Kenny was helping with a modified track meet we went to watch.

 On senior night the boys gave their coach that they call dad a mug they had made for him.  A student was looking at it, it fell and broke.  Kenny told me I needed to make a replacement mug for him, this is what he wanted on it.  So that he can give it to him on Monday.  For payment of the mug and vinyl he is going to help me get more glue off of wine bottles
 All season these boys have called their coach dad plus in a few more months he will be a first time dad so they had to have it say #1 Dad on it

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Shower scrubbie wreath and of course kids

Of course these pictures didn't post the way I wanted them to.  Saturday was my baby girls and my nieces Junior prom.  So hard to believe that these two girls are already juniors in high school.  

 Not only are these two girls cousins, they are also best friends and just like sisters and love to do things together.
 debating if they should walk in the pouring rain to get their pictures done on the pier at the lake nope didn't happen
 There baby cousin had to get into the picture action with them also

 My brother sent this to me that was in the kids school newspaper on Kenny this past week.  This race I was so afraid until it was over all I could think was he was going to break a foot and that would be the end of his running.
Finally this is a shower scrubbie wreath that I made.  I am not feeling it at all.  I do plan on adding some flowers to it but those are in craft room along with glue sticks I needed so they will get put on tomorrow.  This will be for a friends daughters 14th birthday for her bedroom door in their new house

Sunday, April 30, 2017

His high school running is coming to an end soon.

It is so hard that not only is my baby boy a senior and will be done with high school in a little more then a month, then off to college in three months from now.  In just about the same amount of time his high school running career will be over.  This mom will have to now travel out of state to see him compete at the next level.  
 Just at Friday's nights meet there were kids talking about him from another team saying how fast he is and this and that.  Another kid said yea he has had D1 schools approaching him.  Yes he could compete in any Division college he chooses since he has had many school coaches and recruiters contact.  He has choose to run for a D3 school since he loves the choice of school he has made and they have the exact degree he wants.  The coach texts him daily to see how things are going.
 For cross country he finished his year ranked 3rd in the league, 14th in the section and 29th in the state.  In our state there are over 15,000 high school runners for boys I was amazed by that number.
 Not only does he run cross country, indoor and outdoor track for the Varsity team, he runs many road races with his friends during the summer and school breaks.  Summer does not mean break time for this kid he has done college running and work out schedule with his friends for a couple of years now to improve him self
 Revelry happens in any sport just in running it is more individual.  This was posted on the running site for our section said that these two would battle it out until the end of the season in cross country for that number 3 ranking as well as picture of first and second battling it out.  Not one of those top 4 spots stayed the same until the end of sectional run in October back and forth the 4 of them went.  Was the same for Kenny and two others for indoor track and right now in 3200 same for Kenny and one other.  You can find these boys talking at any given meet they are all at, like they are old friends, which is a good thing

 When your a senior in high school you don't ever want the text's this poor kid received in August, one day it is "Kenny want to know when you want to start practice"  from his coach.  Not two day's later he recieve's another text from him "Kenny, I want to be the one to tell you that I just officially retired, please know it is the adults in the program not the athletes"  Luckily he ended up with a coach that he has already been working with for both Cross Country and Track since the old coach was coach for both.  He pushes Kenny and Kenny pushes him.  Which thankfully has made the new coaches senior year easier for him since there are just more new then him

 This kid works hard puts in the time.  I have seen him finish a 5k cross the finish line, not stop and run right back on that course to cheer and motivate his team mates.  During cross country these kids brought home a invitational 1st trophy (never done before), brought home a league championship (first one in 34 years).  Kenny went to states after finishing 3rd individual at sectionals which it has been quite a few years since they have had a kid attend the state meet.
I have never been scared as I was Friday night to watch my son compete in an event.  He decided he wanted to try the 3000 meter steeple chase.  Although he is a distance runner he is not a hurdler.  I just could not believe his coaches were going to let him do this event where he could hurt himself or end his running career before getting to college.  He talked his coaches into letting him do this.  All I kept saying was your going to break your foot.  I could not even watch the first lap around the track and during the whole race my mom was sitting there saying just don't fall.  He did very well on the race a 4th place finish over all, they placed him in the faster heat, which also pushed him to do great.  He finished the race with a 10:08.92 .  Best part he did not break a foot, he did however twist his foot and it started swelling a little so the coaches would not allow him to compete in his 3200 m race so he would not be injured.  He is already state qualified for that race besides
Kenny had a reason for running this event Friday night not only did he want to try and state qualify for it which he thinks he did, if not he is the fastest at it in the section so will have no problem in state quails and going on to states.  There was a school record that needed to be beat.  I will say when Kenny goes for a school record he doe's not just beat it he decides he needs to destroy it and make sure it is his for a time to come.  He beat the school record by 23 seconds.  He had both coaches giving him times on either side of the track so he knew what he had to do they never need to tell him what to do on the track he knows and they know he knows what to do.  Just yell him his lap times and he is good.  His head coach told him he was going to make sure it was announced Monday and that it was also put on their record board on Monday.  Both coaches knew he could destroy it but still proud of him.  I am just glad he didn't break a foot during the race

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Early mothers day gifts using my cricut for the first time

Had my niece for the day yesterday well her mom was working and we decided to make mothers day gifts since I don't want to actually get the stuff done that I need to but that will be done today no if,s and's or buts about it.  It was also the first time I used my cricut these 4 thing's took us all day I know I better be able to get faster at weeding things or else the machine will go out the door.  I can't have one thing take me all day to do.  These candle holders were at a dollar store in town, our first plan was to make these on picture frames but then I seen the candle holders instead.  I think they turned out cute

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I can use my blog again

It has taken me forever to be able to log on to my blog again.  Somehow none of my passwords I use worked.  Very strange but now hopefully fixed.

A couple of things I have been working on well what pictures I have on my computer anyways.  
This bunny wreath I made from tulle coat hangers and wire for the ears  it has since had eggs added to the bottom of it

 I had these bottles painted black and my son got bored one day and made this with them for his grandma.  She loves them.
 Welcome porch sitter and candy bouquet that I made for my mom for her birthday back in February.  One of my friends is in the process of buying her first house so I have plans to make one for her also in the next few weeks.
 As many know our family loves to spend our spring, summer and fall at the race tracks.  Now we have four kids that race Karts so starting in a couple of weeks we will be back to that track every Friday night until the end of October and can't wait.

My brother took a four year break from racing his beast.  His daughter plays year round softball and a lot of travel is involved.  He decided to take the break when his race car partner and best friend got sick he started having many strokes and different things.  One thing that they always were talking about was getting the beast back on the track.  My brother promised him they would do a couple of races last year but he had to get better enough to work on the car he needed him in the pit with him.  His friends oldest son graduated high school last June the next day they had his graduation party, the next day my brother got a phone call to hurry and get to the house he was ready to leave this earth (he wanted to make his sons graduation and party).  The last promise my brother made to him was to have the beast on the track before the end of the season.  A little less then three months, many hours in the garage, motor rebuilt, new body on her and many hours of talking with someone on graphic designs.  No one was allowed to see the car after a point until the day of the race.  Graphics were done the early hours of the morning of the race.  This is what we seen when the car when we were finally able to see.  He had his best friend/race partners face every where the number is on the car.  One thing he always wanted to do was race her one time.  Never would do it though but he got the ride of a life time that day.  A great tribute to a great man that was family to us all.
 Of course I can't complete this post with out pictures of at least some of my babies.  We are a huge Syracuse basketball family.  We tell Kayla all the time yea we love our Orange basketball and you love basketball players.  Which is completely true.  We were at the mall prom dress shopping a couple of weeks ago, we went into one of my favorite sports stores and whom is there but one of this years basketball players.  She was so excited she talked to him forever.  I still can't believe how short he is.  She is 5'5" and has maybe 2 inch heeled boots on in this picture.  She is very happy to have this picture to add to her collection of SU basketball players which most we have seen at the same mall.
 Just a few of my favorite pictures from Kenny's senior picture shoot this past fall, I think the first one was what he turned in for year book but that was back in October so don't really remember.  I can't wait until all of Kayla's are done we are having the same person do her pictures.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Digging out my mothers basement

My mother is a hoarder in some since in the word.  She is a shopaholic and always has been.  Her house is not cluttered to this extent.  Just her basement, garages, barn, sheds and etc.  If there is an empty space she fills it.  She has already done great in getting rid of things but more needs to be done.  This month I have decided I am cleaning out the basement.  This was done two years ago much of the stuff is new.  Now I can say that alot of if just needs to be organized.  My parents have rentals and stuff todo with the rentals gets stored in the basement.  Things she doesn't use everyday gets stored in the basement. I did start working on some of this yesterday and am just about done in one corner.  Now reasons like this I call her a hoarder is I found a baby sneaker from one of my brothers on a shelf my youngest brother will turn 32 in March but it could have also been from my brother that will turn 34 in April.  These are before pictures.  I am going to try and take pictures as I get one area cleaned out

Laundry room there is a counter under there somewhere
 laundry room
 another view of laundry room there is a sink under this
 Corner that I am currently working on.  There is a woodstove that is no longer used in here
 some of this is already gone behind the ugly curtains are shelves that have stuff on them for 30 years now
other side of corner I am currently working on
 pool table used to be here now just storage and the bar can't wait to see what is behind there
 yea bar is under there somewhere
 I can see some light come thru the window back there
 This part isnt really all that bad since it is used much more by my dad

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Reasons Kenny makes me proud

Kenny my 15 yr old baby boy makes me proud to say he is mine on a daily basis.  He has always been my happy child with a twinkle in his eyes.  There is not a person that has not met him that doesn't love the person he is unless your his Jr High German Teacher but that was OK because he couldn't stand her either.  He never seems to amaze me, with keeping his 97 grade point average, stays active in sports year round.  He always makes sure he saves time for family and friends alike.  Just a few of the reasons he makes me so proud to be mine. 
 Although he is terrified of heights he would go on any ride his 5yr old cousin wanted to and could with her at Seabreeze this summer

 He has a few wacky friends
 Well actually quite a few this is only a few of them on Halloween the other half arrived a little later
 But knows he has a best friend for life when he needs her.  She also knows she has a best friend for life when she needs him too.  
Being told he was too underweight to safely play football, didn't discourage him he found a new passion and that is Cross Country and Track.  Which he has done great at.  This season for Cross Country as a freshman he finished 4th top runner in his school, and made sectionals and beat an all time freshman record

He knows what it means to be part of a team.  The 10 boys that went to sectionals decided that they all must have the same hair cut.  Kenny loves his hair and was starting to get to the point where he liked it.  But he said I have to get it done.  Now his head is cold all the time

Last night he came home from turning in his uniform and pizza party and handed me this.  Mom I am a freshman and I got my Varsity letter.  He raced one race on JV and bumped a Jr from the Varsity team.  This made me as happy as it will next year when he gets into the honor socity

I love my boy for many, many reasons