Friday, May 12, 2017

Replacement mug and crafting with my favorite 3 yr old

My favorite 3 year old in the world.  He is one of my good friends youngest son's, and we have been attached to each other since he was 4 months old.  He is my bugger and I am his "ma".  He will say my name when he wants has never called me it but will show you who I am when my name is said.  I had him on Tuesday and we had to make mommy something for mothers day which he did hide until she walked in the door and he had to give it right to her.  He tried to take my fingers off several times while we were cutting fabric he was just excited to cut.  We are also working on writing our name and all the D's must be colored in but that's ok.  I also took him for awhile tonight to the highschool since Kenny was helping with a modified track meet we went to watch.

 On senior night the boys gave their coach that they call dad a mug they had made for him.  A student was looking at it, it fell and broke.  Kenny told me I needed to make a replacement mug for him, this is what he wanted on it.  So that he can give it to him on Monday.  For payment of the mug and vinyl he is going to help me get more glue off of wine bottles
 All season these boys have called their coach dad plus in a few more months he will be a first time dad so they had to have it say #1 Dad on it