Monday, May 29, 2017

Wine bottle order I thought was going to drive me insane and of course last track me

Kenny had his sectional meet last Friday night, it happened to be in the town where my mom's grandparents are buried.  My mom had not been there since her grandfather was buried 50 years ago.  This town is over an hour away from us and it is not some place that anyone ever goes near at all.  Her grandparents had a camp near this town and just decided that is where they were going to be buried. It was kind of neat to see.  My mom said that she needs to take a ride one day to go clean their head stones and put flowers since she never realized how close it actually is and makes for a nice ride.

 I am going to be lost once this kid is done with track, softball ended and now at any point Kenny with be done with high school sports.  Friday night he had sectional meet.  He ended up as league champ for 3000m steeplechase.  His coach kept telling him you will have sectional title also.  There is one team that he kept telling him we don't compete against and I kept telling him yes you do that has two faster kids doing this then him.  We get there Kenny comes up to me saying we are the last event and I am seeded 4th.  There is one of his biggest competitors that also runs this event they go back and forth in no mater what it is cross country, indoor track or outdoor track.  This kid also had just ran 2 mile and 1 mile race which Kenny choose not to even try in this year.  Since his two biggest competitors also run those races and who knows which of the three will win.  Before the start of the race he asked Kenny what his best time was and also told him he was tired and if he couldn't do it he wanted Kenny to win it.  Well needless to say I don't just have a league champ, nor a child that has destroyed the school record for this event so far by 26 seconds right now but also have a sectional champion for the steeplechase.  This coming Friday is state quails.  Can't wait to see if he can make another states run this year we are hoping.  Only picture I got his girlfriend has some but has yet to text them to me.  She will when she is here and remembers too.
 Finally I am so glad these dang bottles are done and gone out of my house.  They changed the design several times, complained about price until I lowered it.  Deal was they supply clean bottles where I just had to put the vinyl on well that didn't happen I did most of the work and these were local wine bottles and the glue was terrible on them.  Oh well done and gone now I like how they did turn out and the label is on both sides of the bottles